Experienced Estate Planning And Probate Counsel

Many people have a difficult time thinking about the future. With all its uncertainties, it can be hard to know what decisions will best protect you in the event of the unexpected.

At DeMersseman Jensen Tellinghuisen & Huffman, LLP, we know that estate planning and probate are challenging topics for our clients. Education and information are our focus in every client interaction. We want you to feel comfortable coming to us with your questions and having a candid conversation about what will best serve your needs.

We can help you whether you are a young parent thinking about your child's future, an individual entering retirement age and concerned about your estate and health care, or an estate executor who must handle the final affairs for a loved one.

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When You Have Time To Plan For The Future

Everyone can benefit from establishing detailed estate planning documents. Wills, trusts, power of attorney, durable power of attorney and other documents can help ensure that your property and assets are protected in the event of the unexpected.

We can advise you of estate planning methods that minimize the financial consequences of asset transfers, outline ongoing care or income for minors or adults with special needs and dictate who would be responsible for making decisions for you (and what decisions they should make) in the event of your incapacitation.

When A Loved One Has Become Incapacitated Or Passed Away

Many people associate probate with negative things. They believe that probate is automatically a long, arduous process that drains an estate of its value. This is not necessarily true. Probate simply refers to what happens when estate planning issues have to be decided when an individual has already passed away. This process can be drawn out when wills are contested or disputes arise among family members, but overall we help our clients simplify the process and put these issues behind them.

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