Guidance Through Your Divorce And Family Law Needs

Many clients come to us with family law issues that are fraught with conflict. These conflicts often revolve around divorce and parent-child relationships, but many also are founded in financial disputes.

Digging in your heels on issues of child support, child custody or marital property rarely leads to anything more than extended legal fees and emotional stress for both parties. In many ways, family courts view marriages like business partnerships, and in a business partnership both parties have a legal claim to the business. This includes issues of:

  • Child related matters like the allocation of parental rights (legal versus physical child custody) and parenting time plans (visitation)
  • Financial matters like child support payments, spousal support, marital property division, division of debts, etc.

What Will Likely Happen In Your Divorce

It is important to approach divorce and family law issues with a focus on what is possible and what will provide stability for you and your children when it is all over.

At DeMersseman Jensen Tellinghuisen & Huffman, LLP, we, strive to give our clients a realistic perspective on family law disputes and how they can be resolved efficiently, cost-effectively and with as little impact on familial relationships as possible. This process begins with information. When you work with us, you will work with an attorney who can give you an overview of what to expect and how disputes like yours are typically resolved either in settlement negotiations or courtroom proceedings.

Whenever possible, we encourage the amicable resolution of a dispute, particularly in family law. It sets our clients up for financial success and cooperative relationships post-divorce. Contact our office in Rapid City, South Dakota, at 605-646-2839 or email us to set up an appointment with an experienced lawyer.