An Accomplished Legal Team In Rapid City

DeMersseman Jensen Tellinghuisen & Huffman, LLP, serves local, regional and national clients in a wide range of legal practice areas. As a pillar in the Rapid City legal community, our firm has been the go-to legal counsel for individuals, families, businesses and investors who need quality representation.

We are a result-driven legal team with decades of experience. Each of our attorneys has the skill to handle a case alone from start to finish, but as a team we bring even deeper insight and strategy to the table.

When you contact us, you will receive reliable and cost-effective guidance from truly adept professionals. Give us a call today to set up an appointment.

Cost-Conscious And Responsible With Your Legal Fees

Many legal issues arise out of adversarial situations, like divorces, contract disputes and financial conflicts. Our goal is to educate our clients in these situations and help them see the solutions rather than just the personal and emotional challenges. By shifting focus to what is realistic, we can help our clients find more efficient resolutions at a cost-effective rate.

We are powerful litigators who know that litigation is not always the answer. Learn more about your options in family law, criminal defense, estate planning, real estate and more.